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Progress in Medicinal Chemistry

Progress in Medicinal Chemistry provides a review of eclectic developments in medicinal chemistry. This volume continues in the serial's tradition of providing an insight into the skills required of the modern medicinal chemist; in particular, the use of an appropriate selection of the wide range of tools now available to solve key scientific problems.


Chemists, biologists, doctors, pharmacists and anyone interested in the contemporary controversy about drugs, drug firms, and the community

Hardbound, 264 Pages

Published: March 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-62652-3


    1. Property-Based Design in the Optimisation of Benzamide Glucokinase Activators: From Hit to Clinic
    2. Darren McKerrecher and Michael J. Waring

    3. Medicinal Chemistry of Glucagon-like Peptide Receptor Agonists
    4. Lyn H. Jones and David A. Price

    5. Antimalarial Drug Discovery: Recent Progress and Future Directions
    6. Felix Calderón, David M. Wilson and Francisco-Javier Gamo

    7. Advances in the Discovery of Selective JAK Inhibitors

      Christel J. Menet, Luc Van Rompaey and Raphael Geney


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