Progress in Functional Analysis

Edited By

  • K.D. Bierstedt, University of Paderborn, Germany
  • J. Bonet, Technical University of Valencia, Spain
  • J. Horváth, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA
  • M. Maestre, University of Valencia, Spain

This volume includes a collection of research articles inFunctional Analysis, celebrating the occasion of Manuel Valdivia'ssixtieth birthday. The papers included in the volume are basedon the main lectures presented during the internationalfunctional analysis meeting held in Peñíscola(Valencia, Spain) in October 1990.

During his career, Valdiviahas made contributions to a wide variety of areas of FunctionalAnalysis and his work has had a profound impact. A thoroughappreciation of Valdivia's work is presented in J.Horváth's article. In honor of Valdivia's achievements, this volume presents more than twenty-five papers on topics related to his research(Banach spaces, operator ideals, tensor products, Fréchet,(DF) and (LF) spaces, distribution theory, infinite holomorphyetc.). While the majority of papers are research articles, survey articles are also included. The book covers a broad spectrum of interests in today's Functional Analysis and presents new results by leading specialists in the field.

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Book information

  • Published: January 1992
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-89378-9

Table of Contents

The mathematical works of Manuel Valdivia (J. Horváth).Regularity properties of (LF)-spaces (D. Vogt). Someapplications of a decomposition method (A. Aytuna, T.Terzioğlu). On the range of the Borel map for classesof non-quasianalytic functions (J. Bonet, R. Meise, B.A.Taylor). Biduality in Fréchet and (LB)-spaces (K.D.Bierstedt, J. Bonet). Holomorphic mappings of bounded type on(DF)-spaces (P. Galindo, D. García, M. Maestre).Linearization of holomorphic mappings of bounded type (J.Mujica). Spaces of holomorphic functions and germs onquotients (J.M. Ansemil, R.M. Aron, S. Ponte). Automaticcontinuity of intertwiners in topological vector spaces (K.B.Laursen). Barrelled function spaces (L. Drewnowski, M.Florencio, P.J. Paúl). On distinguished Fréchetspaces (J. Bonet, S. Dierolf). Prequojections and their duals(G. Metafune, V.B. Moscatelli). Problems from the PérezCarreras/Bonet book (S.A. Saxon). Interior properties andfixed points of certain discontinuous operators (W.R. Derrick,L. Nova G.). Functional analytic aspects of geometry. Linearextending of metrics and related problems (C. Bessaga).Lotosky-Schnabl operators on the unit interval and degeneratediffusion equations (F. Altomare). On weakly LindelöfBanach spaces (J. Orihuela). Distinguished subsets in vectorsequence spaces (F. Bombal). Weak topologies on bounded setsof a Banach space. Associated function spaces (J.G. Llavona).Factorization of multilinear operators (J. Taskinen). Complexgeodesics on convex domains (S. Dineen, R.M. Timoney).Continuity of tensor product operators between spaces ofBochner integrable functions (A. Defant, K. Floret). Compactconvex sets in the two-dimensional complex linear space withthe Yost property (E. Behrends). Some remarks on a limit classof approximation ideals (F. Cobos, T. Kühn). Somefactorization properties of composition operators (H.Jarchow). Eigenvalues of nuclear operators on Tsirelson spaces(A. Pietsch). Absolutely summing surjections from Sobolevspaces in the uniform norm (A. Pelczyński, M.Wojciechowski).