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Private Real Estate Investment

Data Analysis and Decision Making

Fiduciary responsibilities and related court-imposed liabilities have forced investors to assess market conditions beyond gut level, resulting in the development of sophisticated decision-making tools. Roger Brown's use of historical real estate data enables him to develop tools for gauging the impact of circumstances on relative risk. His application of higher level statistical modeling to various aspects of real estate makes this book an essential partner in real estate research. Offering tools to enhance decision-making for consumers and researchers in market economies of any country interested in land use and real estate investment, his book will improve real estate market efficiency. With property the world's biggest asset class, timely data on housing prices just got easier to find and use.

Private Real Estate Investment Analysts, real estate professionals, economists focusing on real estate; also will be used as a supplemental text in real estate investment courses


Published: February 2005

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-137751-9


  • "Roger Brown provides the first real estate investment book to demonstrate the use of advanced tools and better than that, he provides many of these tools on his CD and outstanding website Roger Brown simplifies and applies tools that other more advanced disciplines have been utilizing for more data intensive analysis that is now possible for the first time in commercial real estate. Real estate decision analysis techniques have lagged for many years but no longer must this be the case." -- Norman G. Miller, Ph.D., West Shell Jr. Professor of the Real Estate Center at the University of Cincinnati "Roger Brown's book brings together real estate economics, real estate finance and applied micro real estate economics. This is achieved by demonstrating the application of models in the real world and by examples based on real data. The book moves real estate anlysis firmly into new territory and will attract a wide readership." -- George Matysiak, Professor of Real Estate Investment, Dept of Real Estate & Planning, The University of Reading Business School, UK "...a valuable addition to the real estate's growing academic library." - Real Estate Review "... a valuable addition to real estate’s growing academic library. Instructors will find it a good supplementary tool for exploring important real estate questions that are, by necessity, ignored in approaches to real estate that stress portfolio-level questions or corporate-style decision-making. The examples in the text – and the Excel spreadsheets illustrating them on the CD-ROM – offer some hands-on calculating to flesh out theory. Professors who like to use graphics in class presentations will enjoy the three-dimensional plots liberally provided on the CD – illustrations that are available in the text itself. Students who are looking for discussions of actual dilemmas faced by private investors will find thought-provoking content. And real estate programs can find in the book a model for how to motivate serious discussion of the world of private real property investment – without needing to promise 'gazillions' at the end of the rainbow." - New York University Real Estate Review


  • Chapter 1- Why Location MattersChapter 2- Land Use RegulationChapter 3- The "Rules of Thumb": Threshold Performance Measures for Real Estate InvestmentChapter 4- Fundamental Real Estate AnalysisChapter 5- Chance: Risk In GeneralChapter 6- Uncertainty: Risk In Real EstateChapter 7- The Tax Deferred ExchangeChapter 8- The Management ProblemChapter 9- The Lender's DilemmaChapter 10- The Private LenderChapter 11- Creative Financing


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