Principles of E-Learning Systems Engineering book cover

Principles of E-Learning Systems Engineering

The book integrates the principles of software engineering with the principles of educational theory, and applies them to the problems of e-learning development, thus establishing the discipline of E-learning systems engineering. For the first time, these principles are collected and organised into the coherent framework that this book provides. Both newcomers to and established practitioners in the field are provided with integrated and grounded advice on theory and practice. The book presents strong practical and theoretical frameworks for the design and development of technology-based materials and environments which have teaching, training or educational value. It brings together a complete range of the specific theories and detailed techniques involved in the design, development and delivery of materials such as business presentations, web-based presentations, training courses and academic lessons. Although the methods and theories discussed are generally appropriate to all forms and levels of learning and teaching, the book illustrates their use in and focuses its approach upon e-learning with adults.

Paperback, 350 Pages

Published: October 2007

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-290-8


  • Introduction; General systems theory; Project development framework; E-learning systems structure and content; Feasibility; Front-end analysis; Project plan; Initial design; Detailed design: e-learning transactions; Detailed design: lesson plans; Detailed design: remaining steps; Production; Pilot, distribution, use and evaluation; Quality management; Project management; References.


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