Principles of Colour and Appearance Measurement book cover

Principles of Colour and Appearance Measurement

Volume 2: Visual Measurement of Colour, Colour Comparison and Management

Colour and appearance perceptions are very complex psychological phenomena. Written by one of the foremost authorities in the field, this major two-volume work addresses the key topics required to understand the issues and manage colour effectively. Principles of colour appearance and measurement Volume 2 addresses the visual measurement of colour, methods of comparing colours, and the management of colour in industry.

Volume 2 begins with an overview of the visual measurement of colour. Chapter 1 discusses means of colour communication and various visual attributes of colour. Chapter 2 then focuses on several popular colour order systems, and chapter 3 discusses various colour difference formulae and their use in colour comparison and control. Subsequent chapters review instrumental colorant formulation, metamerism, chromatic adaptation and colour constancy, methods of shade sorting and digital colour reproduction.


A comprehensive resource for designers, colour technologists, colour quality inspectors, product developers and anyone who uses colour in their work.

Hardbound, 330 Pages

Published: October 2014

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-78242-367-6


  • 1 - Visual measures of colour
    2 - Popular colour order systems
    3 - Colour difference assessment
    4 - Instrumental colorant formulation
    5 - Metamerism and shade sorting
    6 - Chromatic adaptation and colour constancy
    7 - Digital colour reproduction


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