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Principles and Practice of Single Implant and Restoration

Covering treatment planning to restoration, Principles and Practice of Single Implant Restorations is the first book specifically designed to train Endodontists and General Dentists for a single tooth implant and restorations. It describes surgical principles, implant placement, implant site preparation, bone grafts and bone substitute materials, tooth extraction, guided bone regeneration, immediate implant placement, surgical defects, and single-tooth esthetic considerations. Expert authors Dr. Mahmoud Torabinejad, Dr. Charles Goodacre, and Dr. Mohammed Sabeti provide detailed guidelines for the use of single tooth implants as an appropriate and compelling treatment tool.

Hardbound, 224 Pages

Published: March 2013

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-4476-3


  • "An ever-increasing awareness towards dental implants within the general public means more and more dental practitioners are expected to offer such treatment or, at the very least, refer patients appropriately...This book is an excellent way to begin broadening your knowledge on dental implants with a simple, easy to read approach to what can be a very confusing subject. Predominately beneficial for clinicans with limited knowledge and experience, this book is a perfect way to start, providing an excellent and enjoyable foundation to implant dentistry."

    British Dental Journal, July 2013


  • 1. History of Single Tooth Implants

    Shane N. White, Mohammad A. Sabeti

    From ancient times to the pioneering era

    Osseointegration and the scientific era

    From the fully edentulous state to single tooth replacement

    Diagnostic technological innovations

    Implant design innovations

    Surgical innovations

    Prosthetic innovations

    2. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Single Tooth Implants

    Mahmoud Torabinejad, Hessam Nowzari

    Etiology and treatment of tooth loss

    Extraction without any tooth replacement

    Tooth extraction and replacement with a fixed partial denture

    Tooth extraction and replacement with a single tooth implant

    3. Single Implants

    Mohammed Sabeti, Amir Reza Rokn


    Osseous considerations

    Soft Tissue considerations

    Implant Configuration

    Surgical Technique for Single Implants

    Long-term Prognosis

    4. Bone Physiology, Metabolism, and Biomechanics in Implant Therapy

    W. Eugene Roberts, Clark M. Stanford

    Osteology of the maxilla and mandible

    Bone physiology

    Bone tissue responses to dental implant placement

    Skeletal adaptation: bone modeling and remodeling

    Dental implants and bone responses

    5. Bone Grafts and Bone Substitute Materials

    Alan S. Herford, Enrico Stoffella, Clark M. Stanford

    Overview of different types of biomaterials

    Autogenous bone

    Allografts and alloplasts


    Osteoinductive materials

    Summary of surgical procedures for grafting

    Management of complications

    6. Tooth Extraction and Site Preservation

    Nicholas Caplanis, Jaime Lozada, and Juan Mesquida

    Alveolar bone healing following tooth extraction

    Scientific validation for site preservation

    Surgical techniques for minimally invasive tooth extraction

    Surgical techniques for site preservation

    Prosthetic manipulation of soft tissues during healing

    Clinical outcome analysis of alveolar preservation techniques

    7. Implant Placement with Simultaneous Guided Bone Regeneration

    Mohammed A. Sabeti, Lewis C. Cummings

    Criteria for simultaneous guided bone regeneration

    Clinical evaluation of the patient

    Radiographic examination

    Guided bone regeneration for implant site development

    Flap implant surgery

    8. Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalization of Maxillary Anterior Single Implants

    Joseph Y. K. Kan, Kitichai Rungcharassaeng

      Diagnosis & treatment planning

        Clinical procedure: fabrication of provisional restoration

          Surgical procedure

            Postoperative instruction

              Definitive restoration

                9. Restoration of the Single Tooth Implant

                Charles J. Goodacre, Mathew Kattadiyil

                Implant survival and complications data

                Design principles

                Immediate implant placement and loading

                Clinical and laboratory procedures

                10. Dental Implant Maintenance

                Nowzari Jorgensen

                Periodontitis vs Peri-implantitis

                Characteristics of healthy, stable dental implants

                Dental implant maintenance program

                Frequency of maintenance appointments

                Indications for surgical intervention

                Patient performed implant hygiene procedures

                11. The Relevance of Scientific Evidence in the Decision Making Process: Treatment Outcomes in Single Tooth Implant Therapy

                Juan Mesquida, Jaime L. Lozada, Aladdin Al-Ardah, Chun-Xiao Sun, and Charles Goodacre

                Clinical outcomes


                Psychosocial outcomes

                Economic outcomes

                Esthetic outcomes


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