Primary and Secondary Lead Processing book cover

Primary and Secondary Lead Processing

The lead smelting industry has been experiencing increasing pressures on several fronts - pressure to reduce energy usage, to reduce overall cost of production, to improve environmental conditions associated with production, to improve recycling of waste lead products and to develop new markets and applications. These pressures have resulted in the development of new low cost, energy efficient processes achieving new standards of process emissions.

For technical personnel associated with production of both primary and secondary lead; technical personnel associated with non-ferrous pyrometallurgical production, and to the extractive metallurgical engineering disciplines in the academic community.


Published: September 1989

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-037292-1


  • Section headings: New Lead Extraction Processes. Primary Lead Smelting. Secondary Lead Processing. Lead Refining. Lead Applications and Markets.


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