Prenatal Massage book cover

Prenatal Massage

A Textbook of Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum Bodywork

Authored by a well-known expert on prenatal massage, this comprehensive text helps you understand the intricate physiology of pregnancy so you can confidently apply appropriate massage techniques for each trimester, and throughout labor and postpartum. You'll find clear, colorfully illustrated explanations of a wide range of techniques and procedures, including Swedish massage, acupuncture points, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, and reflexology. A companion DVD packaged with the book enables you to watch demonstrations of techniques. Contraindications and precautions are also provided where necessary to help you provide safe and effective care for every client.

Book, 480 Pages

Published: August 2007

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-09305-7


  • Unit One: Pregnancy Massage

    1. The Benefits of Prenatal Massage

    2. Dispelling the Myths of Prenatal Massage

    3. General Prenatal Massage Guidelines

    4. Emotional and Psychological Effects of Pregnancy

    5. Physiology of Pregnancy

    6. Contraindications and Precautions of Prenatal Massage

    7. Treating High Risk and Bedridden Pregnancies

    8. Preconception Support

    9. Massage During the First Trimester and Fetal Development

    10. Massage During Second Trimester and Fetal Development

    11. Massage During Third Trimester and Fetal Development

    12. Massage for Labor Preparation

    13. Sitting Massage

    14. Massage for Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

    15. Multiples

    Unit Two: Labor Massage

    16. Physiology of Labor

    17. Stimulating Labor

    18. Benefits of Touch During Labor

    19. Labor Support Massage

    Unit Three: Postpartum Massage

    20. Postpartum Complications

    21. Immediate Postpartum Physiology and Treatment Goals

    22. Puerperium Physiology and Treatment Goals

    23. Extended Postpartum Physiology and Treatment Goals

    Unit Four: Marketing Strategies

    24. Marketing Strategies

    Glossary of Terms



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