Preferred Orientation in Deformed Metal and Rocks book cover

Preferred Orientation in Deformed Metal and Rocks

An introduction to Modern Texture Analysis

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Geophysicists, Physicists, and Mathematicians.

Hardbound, 610 pages

Published: June 1985

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-744020-0


  • L.E. Weiss and H.-R. Wenk, An Introduction. H.-R. Wenk, Measurement of Pole Figures. L.E. Weiss and H.-R. Wenk, Symmetry of Pole Figures and Textures. H.J. Bunge, Representation of Preferred Orientations. H.J. Bunge and C. Esling, The Harmonic Method. H. Schaeben, A. Vadon, and H.-R. Wenk, Vector Method. S. Matthies and H.-R. Wenk, ODF Reproduction with Conditional Ghost Correction. D.J. Barber, Dislocations and Microstructures. G. Gottstein and H. Mecking, Recrystallization. T.G. Langdon, Regimes of Plastic Deformation. P. Van Houtte and F. Wagner, Development of Textures by Slip and Twinning. G. Oertel, Reorientation due to Grain Shape. H. Mecking, Textures of Metals. J. Hirsch and K. L cke, Interpretation of the Copper*b1Brass Texture Transition by Quantitative ODF Analysis. H. Kern and A. Richter, Microstructures and Textures in Evaporites. H. Siemes and Ch. Hennig-Michaeli, Ore Minerals. H.-R. Wenk, Carbonates. G.P. Price, Preferred Orientations in Quartzites. J.-C.C. Mercier, Olivine and Pyroxenes. G. Oertel, Phyllosilicate Textures in Slates. J.L. Rosenfeld, Schistosity. B.E. Hobbs, The Geological Significance of Microfabric Analysis. H.C. Heard, Experimental Determination of Mechanical Properties. H.J. Bunge, Physical Properties of Polycrystals. P.R. Morris and J.W. Flowers, Texture and Magnetic Properties of Metals. H. Kern and H.-R. Wenk, Anisotropy in Rocks and the Geological Significance. References. Index.


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