Practical Temperature Measurement


  • Peter Childs, BSc.(Hons), D.Phil, C.Eng, F.I.Mech.E., Internationally recognized industry researcher and professorial lead in Engineering Design, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London, UK

'Practical Temperature Measurement' introduces the concepts of temperature and its measurement to engineers, physicists and chemists of all disciplines. The author describes the wide range of techniques and specific devices available for temperature measurement and provides guidance for the selection of a particular method for a given application. It is of value to engineering and physics postgraduates studying modules on instrumentation and process control and, in addition, for practical project work requiring an understanding of temperature measurement methods.For postgraduates and industrialists faced with the task of selecting a particular measurement method or sensor for an experiment, product or process, this text provides both thorough descriptions of the various techniques, as well as guidance for their selection.
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Postgraduate and professional engineers of all disciplines. Physicists and industrial chemists.


Book information

  • Published: October 2001
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-5080-9

Table of Contents

Temperature * General temperature measurement considerations * Invasive temperature measurement * Semi-invasive temperature measurement * Non-invasive temperature measurement * Temperature measurement technique selection * Heat flux measurement * Conclusions.