Practical Protein Crystallography book cover

Practical Protein Crystallography

Designed for easy use by both beginning and experienced protein crystallographers, the second edition of Practical Protein Crystallography is an essential handbook for any scientist interested in solving a protein structure. The book includes examples of actual experiments and data, electron density maps, and computer methods. This second edition has new material covering CCP4, SHELX, cryocrystallography, MAD and automated fitting.

Biophysicists and protein chemists.

Hardbound, 477 Pages

Published: September 1999

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-486052-0


  • "The author has done an excellent job in presenting his personal experience in this field. He writes in a casual style which makes reading easy ... As a manual, the book is highly useful and should be on the shelf in every protein crystallography laboratory."
    Praise for the First Edition, --STRUCTURE


  • Laboratory Techniques.Data Collection Techniques.Computational Techniques.Xtal View Tutorials.Protein Crystallography Cookbook.Cryocrystallography.


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