Practical Handbook of Photovoltaics

Fundamentals and Applications

Edited by

  • Augustin McEvoy, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Tom Markvart, Director, Solar Energy Laboratory School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton
  • Luis Castaner
  • T. Markvart
  • L. Castaner, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain

As part of the growing sustainable and renewable energy movement, the design, manufacture and use of photovoltaic devices is increasing in pace and frequency. The Handbook of Photovoltaics will be a 'benchmark' publication for those involved in the design, manufacture and use of these devices.

The Handbook covers the principles of solar cell function, the raw materials, photovoltaic systems, standards, calibration, testing, economics and case studies.

The editors have assembled a cast of internationally-respected contributors from industry and academia.

The report is essential reading for: Physicists, electronic engineers, designers of systems, installers, architects, policy-makers relating to photovoltaics.

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Physicists, electronic engineers, designers of systems, installers, architects, policy-makers relating to photovoltaics.


Book information

  • Published: October 2003
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-390-2

Table of Contents

The role of solar radiation climatology in the design of PV systems

IIa Introduction
1 Principles of solar cell operation (T. Markvart, L.Castaner)
2 Semiconductor materials and modelling (T. Markvart, L.Castaner)
3 Ideal efficiencies (P.T. Landsberg and T Markvart)

IIb Crystalline silicon solar cells
1 Silicon: manufacture and properties (F. Ferrazza)
2 Low cost industrial manufacture of crystalline silicon solar cells (J. Szlufcik, S. Sivoththaman, J. Nijs, R.P. Mertens and R. Van Overstraeten)
3 Thin silicon solar cells (M. Mauk, P. Sims, J. Rand and A. Barnett)
4 Characterisation and diagnosis of silicon wafers and devices (A. Cuevas and R Sinton)
5 High-efficiency silicon solar cell concepts (M.A. Green)

IIc Thin film technologies
1 Amorphous silicon solar cells (D.E. Carlson and C.R. Wronski)
2 Microcrystalline silicon solar cells (K. Yamamoto)
3 Cadmium telluride thin-film PV moduels (D. Bonnet)
4 Cu(In,Gas) Se2 thin-film solar cells (U. Rau and H.W. Shock)

IId Space and concentrator cells
1 GaAs and high-efficiency space cells (V.M. Andreev)
2 High-efficiency concentrator silicon solar cells (P.J. Verlinden)

IIe Organic and dye sensitised cells
1 Photoelectrochemical solar cells (A. McEvoy)
2 Organic and plastic solar cells (J. Nelson)

IIIa Introduction
1 Energy production by a PV array (L. Castaner, S. Bermejo, T. Markvart and K. Fragaki)
2 Energy balance in stand-alone PV systems (L. Castaner, S. Bermejo, T. Markvart and K. Fragaki)
3 Review of system design and sizing tools (S. Silvestre)

IIIb Balance-of-system components
1 System electronics (J.N. Ross)
2 Batteries in PV systems(D. Spiers)

IIIc Grid-connected systems
1 Grid-connection of PV generators: technical and regulatory issues (J. Thorneycroft and T. Markvart)
2 Installation guidelines: construction (B. Cross)
3 Installation guidelines: electrical (M. Cotterell)

IIId Space and concentrator systems
1 Concentrator systems (G. Sala)
2 Operation of solar cells in a space environment (S. Bailey and R. Rafaelle)

IIIe Case studies
1 Architectural integration (R. Serra and R. Leal)
2 Performance, reliability and user experience (U. Jahn)
3 Solar-powered products (P. Wolfe)

1 Standards, colibration and testing of PV modules and solar cells (C.R. Osterwald)
2 PV system monitoring (B. Cross)
3 Calibration, testing and monitoring of space solar cells (E. Fernandez Lisbona)

1 Overview of potential hazards (V.M Fthenakis)
2 Energy pay-back time and CO2 emissions of PV systems (E. Alsema)
3 World photovoltaic markets (P. Maycock)
4 National and regional support programmes (B. Yordi)