Pocket Guide to Nutrition and Dietetics book cover

Pocket Guide to Nutrition and Dietetics

This is a clinical reference data pocket book. It contains the data most frequently used by dietitians and others in practice and is invaluable for dietetic students during their clinical placements. It is both practical and comprehensive. Data is readily accessible from clearly set out tables, clear diagrams and tabbed sections. As well as the core reference data there are useful appendices on various subjects including the nutritional compositions of foods, a weaning guide, a guide to religious influences on diet, useful addresses for relevant organizations and web sites.

Paperback, 192 Pages

Published: May 2002

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07136-2


  • Nutritional requirements. Artificial nutritional support, Nutrition and drugs, Nutritional supplements, General nutritional and medical data, Dietetic clinical placement, Dietetic patient interview


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