Physics of Radiation Effects in Crystals book cover

Physics of Radiation Effects in Crystals

``Physics of Radiation Effects in Crystals'' is presented in two parts. The first part covers the general background and theory of radiation effects in crystals, including the theory describing the generation of crystal lattice defects by radiation, the kinetic approach to the study of the disposition of these defects and the effects of the diffusion of these defects on alloy compositions and phases. Specific problems of current interest are treated in the second part and include anisotropic dimensional changes in x-uranium, zirconium and graphite, acceleration of thermal creep in reactor materials, and radiation damage of semiconductors and superconductors.


Published: March 1986

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-86946-3


  • Preface. Part I: 1. Basic defects in metals (P. Ehrhart, K.H. Robrock and H.R. Schober). 2. Production of radiation defects by collision cascades in metals (V.M. Agranovich and V.V. Kirsanov). 3. Theory of microstructural evolution (R. Bullough and M.H. Wood). 4. Phase stability and solute segregation during irradiation (H. Wiedersich). Part II: 5. Quasichemical reactions involving point defects in irradiated semiconductors (V.L. Vinetskii and G.A. Kholodar). 6. Radiation damage and stress effects in superconductors: materials for high-field applications (C.L. Snead Jr. and T. Luhman). 7. Radiation effects in non-metals (F.W. Clinard Jr. and L.W. Hobbs). 8. Creation of Frenkel defect pairs by excitons in alkali halides (Ch. B. Lushchik). 9. Irradiation growth of metals and alloys (V.F. Zelensky and E.A. Reznichenko). 10. Irradiation creep in metals (V.V. Slyozov and P.A. Bereznyak). 11. Blistering (M.I. Guseva and Yu. V. Martynenko). Author index. Subject index. Cumulative index.


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