Physical Metallurgy and Advanced Materials book cover

Physical Metallurgy and Advanced Materials

Physical Metallurgy and Advanced Materials is the latest edition of the classic book previously published as Modern Physical Metallurgy & Materials Engineering. Fully revised and expanded, this new edition develops on its predecessor by including detailed coverage of the latest topics in metallurgy and material science. Intended for senior undergraduates and graduate students it emphasises the science, production and applications of engineering materials, and is suitable for all post-introductory materials science courses.

Mid/senior undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in metallurgy, materials science, physical metallurgy, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, physics, manufacturing engineering and related courses


Published: October 2007

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-6906-1


  • Part I – The Fundamentals of Materials Science1. Structure and bonding of atoms2. Atomic arrangements in materials3. Structural phases; their formation and transitions4. Defects in solids5. NEW Characterisation of materials 6. Physical properties of materials7. Mechanical behaviour of materials 8. NEW Chapter on Materials Simulation (atomistic simulation, phase diagram calculation, stress/thermal analyses by finite element method, etc.)Part II – Structure and Properties of Metals and Alloys 9. Alloy development10. Strengthening and toughening of metals and alloys11. Corrosion and surface engineering 12. NEW Surface properties, comprising surface-energy-related properties (laying out the background for thin-film deposition), mechanical properties of surfaces, nanoindentation, etc.Part III – Structure and Properties of Non-metallic Materials 13. Ceramics and glasses14. Plastics and compositesPart IV – Processing and Applications15. NEW chapter on thin-film deposition by PVD and CVD, electronic applications 16. Biomaterials17. Materials for sports18. NEW Materials for information technology (electronic materials, optoelectronic materials, quantum dots, molecular self-assembly, etc.)19. NEW Nano-scale materials (catalysts, drug-delivery materials, superplastic materials, etc.)


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