Photon-Atom Interactions book cover

Photon-Atom Interactions

This book provides an introduction to the body of theory shared by several branches of modern optics--nonlinear optics, quantum electronics, laser physics, and quantum optics--with an emphasis on quantum and statistical aspects. It is intended for well prepared undergraduate and graduate students in physics, applied physics, electrical engineering, and chemistry who seek a level of preparation of sufficient maturity to enable them to follow the specialized literature.

Graduate students and researchers in physics, physical chemistry, and electrical engineering.

Hardbound, 407 Pages

Published: April 1989

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-743660-9


  • "This is a well-written introduction to photon-atom interactions."


  • Stochastic Processes. Density Matrices and Perturbation Theory. Magnetic Two-Level System. The Radiation Field. Absorption, Emission, and Scattering in Weak Fields. Reservoir Theory and Damping. Nonlinear and Multiphoton Processes. Index.


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