Pharmacy Law and Practice book cover

Pharmacy Law and Practice

Fourth Edition

Suitable for both students and practicing pharmacists, the latest edition of this classic textbook provides comprehensive coverage of an essential component of the U.K. pharmacy curriculum: pharmacy law and ethics. Completely rewritten since the last edition to reflect the rapid pace at which this field moves, it offers a clear, readable and non-technical guide on balancing the needs of patients with the letter of the law. It explains what happens and why in a reader-friendly format, taking a problem solving approach, and even provides an introduction to pharmacy issues for solicitors and legal personnel. Any pharmacist, student, or regulatory authority will find it appropriate for either a serious study or for answering questions which occur in practice.

Pharmacy students and practitioners


Published: July 2006

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-52201-6


  • IntroductionAdministrationThe Supply of NHS pharmaceutical servicesThe Drug TariffAPPLICATIONS TO DISPENSE NHS SCRIPTSDispensing in Rural areasPrescription chargesThe Interest of PublicComplaints and breaches of the terms of serviceRetail PharmacyTHE MANUFACTURE AND LICENSING OF MEDICINAL PRODUCTSControl on sales of medicinesSupplies and DeliveriesUnlicensed productsTraditional and alternative medicinesControlled DrugsLABELLING, LEAFLETS AND PACKAGINGPOISONSPatient Group DirectionsNON - MEDICAL PRESCRIBINGAccess to PharmaciesConfidentialityInformed ConsentThe European UnionThe Pharmacy ProfessionLiability in NegligenceBusiness PremisesBusiness AssociationsThe Sale of GoodsEmployment LawHuman Rights


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