Perception and Cognition at Century's End

History, Philosophy, Theory

Edited by

  • Julian Hochberg, Columbia University, New York, U.S.A.

Perception and Cognition at Century's End contains cognitive psychology surveys that are up-to-date and historically based, as well as references to the development of cognitive psychology over the past century. The book can serve as a central or specialized text for a range of psychology courses.
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Professors of psychology or other overlapping disciplines; graduate and advanced undergraduate students in cognitive psychology.


Book information

  • Published: September 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-301160-2

Table of Contents

Roots and Persisting Issues:J. Hochberg, A Context for the Second Half of the Century: One View.M. Rollins, Philosophy, Perception, and Cognitive Science.G. Mandler, Consciousness and Mind as Philosophical Problems and Psychological Issues.The Informed Present: Where We Are and How We Got There:A. Outside to Inside: Approaches Concerned Chiefly with Measurable Variables of Stimulus Information and Their Cognitive Consequences.B. Approaches Concerned with the Individual's Past and Present Cognitive Abilities.J.E. Cutting, Information from the World Around Us.B.J. Gillam, Illusions at Century's End.J.E. Cutting and M. Massironi, Pictures and Their Special Status in Perceptual and Cognitive Inquiry.D.R. Proffitt and M.K. Kaiser, The Internalization of Perceptual Processing Constraints.B.A. Dosher and G. Sperling, A Century of Human Information-Processing Theory: Vision, Attention, and Memory.J. Hochberg, Gestalt Theory and Its Legacy: Organization in Eye and Brain, in Attention and Mental Representation.K. Nakayama, Vision Fin de Siècle: A Reductionistic Explanation of Perception for the 21st Century?E.S. Spelke, Nature, Nurture, and Development.C.E. Wright and B. Landau, Language and Action: Current Challenges.D.L. Medin and J.D. Coley, Concepts and Categorization.P.N. Johnson-Laird, Imagery, Visualization, and Thinking.Index.