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Partial Differential Equations & Boundary Value Problems with Maple

Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems with Maple presents all of the material normally covered in a standard course on partial differential equations, while focusing on the natural union between this material and the powerful computational software, Maple. The Maple commands are so intuitive and easy to learn, students can learn what they need to know about the software in a matter of hours- an investment that provides substantial returns. Maple's animation capabilities allow students and practitioners to see real-time displays of the solutions of partial differential equations.  Maple files can be found on the books website.

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Upper-level undergraduate and graduate level students in Partial Differential Equations and boundary value problems courses as well as students in mathematics, physics, engineering taking courses in thermal dynamics, acoustics, electromagnetic wave theory and quantum mechanics.

Paperback, 744 Pages

Published: April 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374732-7


  • REVIEW OF PREVIOUS EDITION: "Integrating Maple V animation software and traditional topics of partial differential equations, this text discusses first and second-order differential equations, Sturm-Liouville eigenvalue problems, generalized Fourier series, the diffusion or heat equation and the wave equation in one and two spatial dimensions, the Laplace equation in two spatial dimensions, nonhomogenous versions of the diffusion and wave equations, and Laplace transform methods of solution. The CD-ROM contains real-time animations of solutions of partial differential equations using Maple V."--Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR


  • Preface

    Chapter 0: Basic Review

    Chapter 1: Ordinary Linear Differential Equations

    Chapter 2: Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue Problems and Generalized Fourier Series

    Chapter 3: The Diffusion or Heat Partial Differential Equation

    Chapter 4: The Wave Partial Differential Equation

    Chapter 5: The Laplace Partial Differential Equation

    Chapter 6: The Diffusion Equation in Two Spatial Dimensions

    Chapter 7: The Wave Equation in Two Spatial Dimensions

    Chapter 8: Nonhomogeneous Partial Differential Equations

    Chapter 9: Infinite and Semi-infinite Spatial Domains

    Chapter 10: Laplace Transform Methods for Partial Differential Equations




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