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Pain and Touch

An explosion of advances in the area of tactile perception and pain led to the development of this comprehensive, state-of-the-art text on basic research and clinical practice. Equal parts psychology and neuroscience, Pain and Touch covers peripheral cutaneous tactile information processing, sensory mapping, tactile exploratory behavior, neurophysiology of nociception and nociceptors in pain research, clinical scaling methods for psychophysics of pain, and paincontrol, pathology, and therapeutics.

Researchers, academics, and clinicians interested in the study of tactile perception and pain: perceptual psychologists, psychophysicists, neuroscientists, and pain therapists.

Hardbound, 394 Pages

Published: September 1996

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-426910-1


  • "A handbook bringing together the diverse aspects of perception and cognition as they affect the experiences of touch and pain. The 14 contributors comprehensively survey all research on touch and consider topics in the psychophysics of tactile perception, somatosensory cortex and tactile perceptions, nociception and pan, the mechanisms and measurement of pain, and pathological pain and its principles of assessment and management. Includes statistical tables and graphs."

    "Pain and an exceptional book...for the outstanding collection of authors to present reviews that provide considerable depth of coverage...The coverage is scholarly and the emphasis is on very recent findings, making this book ideal for advanced graduate students, faculty, and investigators in psychology and medical fields."
    "This text provides the knowledge required to view pain as a concept in and of itself rather than merely a compilation or extension of nociceptive events. It is an up to date, authoritative work by world renowned experts carefully shepherded by a careful, knowledgeable volume editor."
    --Somatosensory & Motor Research


  • J.C. Stevens and B.G. Green, History of Research on Touch.J.D. Greenspan and S.J. Bolanowski, The Psychophysics of Tactile Perception and Its Peripheral Physiological Basis.H. Burton and R. Sinclair, Somatosensory Cortex and Tactile Perceptions.E.R. Perl and L. Kruger, Nociception and Pain: Evolution of Concepts and Observations.B. Lynn and E.R. Perl, Afferent Mechanisms of Pain.R.H. Gracely and B.D. Naliboff, Measurement of Pain Sensation.C.R. Chapman and M. Stillman, Pathological Pain.R.K. Portenoy, Control of Pathological Pain.Chapter References.Index.


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