Over the Counter Pharmaceutical Formulations


  • David D. Braun, Interactive Consulting, Inc.

This book presents formulations for over-the-counter (OTC) or nonprescription drugs. The OTC drug formulations in this book are organized according to their therapeutic effect. There are 19 categories of OTC drugs included. Each category is presented in a single chapter that consists of two parts; Part I presents the composition of brand name products, and Part II presents starting or prototype formulations contributed by suppliers of raw materials for OTC drugs. The brand name products are listed alphabetically in Part I of each chapter, followed by the name of the manufacturer, the type and concentration of the active ingredient(s) and the product form(s). It is also customary, but not required, for the manufacturer to list the so-called ""inactive ingredients"" on the label of the product.Part II of each chapter (except chapter 17) includes starting formulations developed by a number of raw material suppliers. Those formulations that are included contain not only the concentration of the active ingredients but also the concentration of the other ingredients and, in most cases, a recommended procedure for mixing the formulation. This book includes 559 brand name formulations of 63 manufacturers and 270 suppliers' suggested formulations for a total of 829 formulations.
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Book information

  • Published: December 1994
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1347-6

Table of Contents

IntroductionAcne Treatment ProductsAntacid/Antigas ProductsAntidiarrheal ProductsAntiemetic ProductsAntifungal and Antibacterial ProductsAntiperspirantsAntipruritic ProductsAsthma Treatment ProductsCold and Allergy ProductsContraceptive ProductsDandruff, Seborrhea, and Psoriasis TreatmentsExternal AnalgesicsHemorrhoidal TreatmentsInternal Analgesics, Antipyretics and Menstrual ProductsLaxativesOphthalmic ProductsSedatives and StimulantsSunscreensVitamins and MineralsAppendix A: OTC Pharmaceutical ManufacturersAppendix B: Raw Material SuppliersIndex of Manufacturers, Suppliers, Brand Names, and Active Ingredients