Organic Functional Group Preparations book cover

Organic Functional Group Preparations

Organic Chemistry A Series of Monographs

Volume II describes 17 additional functional groups and presents a critical review of their available methods of synthesis with preparative examples of each. Attention is especially paid to presenting specific laboratory directions for the many name reactions used in describing the synthesis of these functional groups.

Organic and medicinal chemists.

Hardbound, 548 Pages

Published: September 1986

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-618602-4


  • "Every chemical library should acquire the second edition of Organic Functional Group Preparations."


  • Allenes. Ortho Esters. Sulfites. Enamines. Ynamines. Ureas. Pseudoureas. Semicarbazides. Carbodiimides. N-Carbamates (Urethanes). O-Carbamates. Imines. Azides. Azo Compounds. Azoxy Compounds. C-Nitroso Compounds. N-Nitroso Compounds. Each chapter includes references.


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