Ordered Porous Solids book cover

Ordered Porous Solids

Recent Advances and Prospects

The developments in the area of ordered nanoporous solids have moved beyond the traditional catalytic and separation uses and given rise to a wide variety of new applications in different branches of chemistry, physics, material science, etc. The activity in this area is due to the outstanding properties of nanoporous materials that have attracted the attention of researchers from different communities. However, recent achievements in a specific field often remain out of the focus of collaborating communities. This work summarizes the latest developments and prospects in the area of ordered porous solids, including synthetic layered materials (clays), microporous zeolite-type materials, ordered mesoporous solids, metal-organic-framework compounds (MOFs), carbon, etc. All aspects, from synthesis via comprehensive characterization to the advanced applications of ordered porous materials, are presented. The chapters are written by leading experts in their respective fields with an emphasis on recent progress and the state of the art.

This book is suitable for research scientists in the area of physical chemistry, material science, catalysis, nanoporous materials, zeolites, membranes, separations, adsorption, colloid and surface chemistry. It is also suitable for students and young researchers and practitioners.

Hardbound, 800 Pages

Published: September 2008

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-53189-6


  • 1. A New Family of Mesoporous Oxides - Synthesis, Characterisation and Applications of TUD-1 (T. Maschmeyer, C. Aquino).
    2. Organoclays: Preparation, Properties and Applications (M. Jaber, J. Miehé-Brendlé).
    3. Titanium-based nanoporous materials (W. Schmidt).
    4. Porous Metal Organic Frameworks: from Synthesis to Applications (C. Serre, T. Devic).
    5. Functionalisation and Structure Characterisation of Porous Silicates and Aluminophosphates (N. Zabukovec Logar et al).
    6. Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Zeolite Nucleation (B. Subotiã, J. Broniã, T.A. Jeliã).
    7. Modern Spectroscopic Methods Applied to Nanoscale Porous Materials (B. Mihailova).
    8. Computational Modeling of Nanoporous Materials (G.N. Vayssilov et al).
    9. Intermolecular Forces in Zeolite Adsorption and Catalysis (R.F. Lobo).
    10. Application of Isotopically Labeled IR Probe Molecules for Characterization of Porous Materials (K.I. Hadjiivanov).
    11. Organically-Modified Ordered Mesoporous Siliceous Solids (B. Lebeau).
    12. Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zeolitic Coatings for Applications in Microstructured Reactors (E.V. Rebrov et al).
    13. Pure-Silica-Zeolite Low-Dielectric Constant Materials (C.M. Lew et al).
    14. Highly Selective Zeolite Membranes (T. Nenoff, J. Dong).
    15. Gas Sensing with Silicon-based Nanoporous solids (J. Santamaria, P. Pina).
    16. Mesostructuring of Metal Oxides through EISA: Fundamentals and Applications (M.A. Carreon, V.V. Guliants).
    17. Zeolite Nanocrystals: Hierarchical Assembly and Applications (Y. Zhang, N. Ren, Y. Tang).
    18. Bioinspired porous materials (V. Valtchev, S. Mintova).
    19. Strategies Towards The Assembly Of Preformed Zeolite Crystals Into Supported Layers (L. Tosheva, A.M. Doyle).
    20. Electrochemistry with Micro- and Mesoporous Silicates (A. Walcarius).
    21. Nanoparticle Doped Photopolymers for Holographic Applications (I. Naydenova, V. Toal).
    22. Inorganic Sulfur Pigments Based on Nanoporous Materials (S. Kowalak, A. Jankowska).
    23. Advances in the Use of Carbon Nanomaterials in Catalysis (B. Louis et al).
    24. Strong Br¸nsted Acidity in Alumina-Silicates: Influence of Pore Dimension, Steaming and Acid Site Density on Cracking of Alkanes (J.A. van Bokhoven).
    25. Catalysis By Mesoporous Molecular Sieves (J. Èejka, A. Vinu).
    26. Catalytic Phases Embedded in Mesostructured Matrices and their Nanocasts: Effects of Spatial Dimension and Assembling Mode on Activity (M.V. Landau, L. Vradman).
    27. Nanoporous Materials - Catalysts for Green Chemistry (D.J. Macquarrie).
    28. The fascinating chemistry of iron- and copper-containing zeolites (G. Pirngruber).


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