OpenVMS Operating System Concepts book cover

OpenVMS Operating System Concepts

OpenVMS Operating System Concepts, Second Edition uses a new approach to explain the OpenVMS operating system. Combining discussions of operating system theory with examples of its applications in key OpenVMS operating system facilities, the book provides a thoughtful introduction for application programmers, systems managers, and students. The books shows how OpenVMS system services can tap the power of operating system facilities to perform critical tasks on behalf of applications. It has been updated for OpenVMS and gives program examples in C.

Paperback, 541 Pages

Published: May 1997

Imprint: Digital Press

ISBN: 978-1-55558-157-2


  • An Introduction to Operating Systems*The Process*Scheduling and Context Switching*Paging and Memory Management*Process Synchronization*Process Data Sharing and Critical Regions*Security, Protection, and Privacy*Input/Output and Interrupts*Disks and Disk Files*History of Digital Operating Systems


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