Open Source Database Driven Web Development book cover

Open Source Database Driven Web Development

A Guide for Information Professionals

Almost every organization seeks a simple means of managing, publishing and/or providing searchable web access to information. Written by a knowledgeable web developer, this book demonstrates the simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and versatility of designing database driven web applications with Open Source resources. Case studies of ‘real world’ implementations address both theoretical aspects and practical considerations of developing applications with the easy-to-use PHP scripting language and powerful MySQL relational database. Project organization and design issues are considered along with basic coding examples, accessibility standards and implementation advice.

Library science and information professionals engaged in web development and information management

Hardbound, 256 Pages

Published: September 2006

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-171-0


  • …will provide just the kind of combined strategy, technological advice and practical coding examples to help get such projects under way and completed, even by non-specialists., Program
    …a very useful book, covering many different Open Source issues. I would definitely recommend this book., Ruth Rikowski, London Southbank Univerity, UK
    The book is approachable, and so can be useful to both novice and the more experienced., Ruth Rikowski, London Southbank Univerity, UK


  • Weighty worlds of wonder: what's, why's and wherefore's of the Web; The open source movement; Six reasons to consider open source; The database driven web; Building block I: cascading style sheets; Building block II: PHP; Building block III: relational databases; Building block IV: database design and normalisation; Building block V: MySQL; Standards and accessibility; In pursuit of accessibility; Web development planning; The dynamic duo; The indispensable function; Database driven web applications; Case studies.


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