Ontologies, Taxonomies and thesauri in Systems Science and Systematics book cover

Ontologies, Taxonomies and thesauri in Systems Science and Systematics

The originality of this book, which deals with such a new subject matter, lies in the application of methods and concepts never used before - such as ontologies and taxonomies, as well as thesauri - to the ordering of knowledge based on primary information. Chapters in the book also examine the study of ontologies, taxonomies and thesauri from the perspective of systematics and general systems theory. Ontologies, Taxonomies and Thesauri in Systems Science and Systematics will be extremely useful to those operating within the network of related fields, which includes documentation and information science.

Information professionals and information technologies professionals working in LIS, librarians and archivists working in research and services centers

Paperback, 162 Pages

Published: October 2010

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-612-8


  • From classifications to ontologies, considering them as classification methods; Taxonomy and thesauri also as knowledge; Classification systems; Thesauri studied under the thesaurus theory; Thesauri in (Cladist) systematics. It is the first time that systematics is applied to thesauri, considering them as classification system; Thesauri in systems theory. There are very few LIS professionals applying it to thesauri, ontologies and taxonomy; Author register; Subject index.


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