Online Security for the Business Traveler


  • Deborah Gonzalez, Attorney and founder of Law2sm, LLC, a legal consulting firm focusing on helping its clients navigate the legal issues relating to the new digital and social media world.

Whether attending conferences, visiting clients, or going to sales meetings, travel is an unavoidable necessity for many businesspeople. Today’s high-tech enabled businessperson travels with electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, health sensors, and Google Glass. Each of these devices offers new levels of productivity and efficiency, but they also become the weak link in the security chain: if a device is lost or stolen during travel, the resulting data breach can put the business in danger of physical, financial, and reputational loss.

Online Security for the Business Traveler provides an overview of this often overlooked problem, explores cases highlighting specific security issues, and offers practical advice on what to do to ensure business security while traveling and engaging in online activity. It is an essential reference guide for any travelling business person or security professional.

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Any business professional in the public or private sector who travels frequently; IT security professionals, for their use in training business executives on the key components of online security during travel


Book information

  • Published: August 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-800069-4


"...full of useful hints, offering best practice generally for someone in business, besides in personal security. Just as it might be easy to overlook security with the rush of excitement of travel, or simply the rush to get to the plane on time, so it is easier to overlook security on your return home." -Professional Security Magazine Online, Sep 03, 2014

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Decision to Travel vs. Digital Alternatives

Chapter 2: Planning, Logistics, and Security

Chapter 3: Pre-Departure and Departure

Chapter 4: Arrival and Duration

Chapter 5: Return