Oil Field Chemicals


  • Johannes Fink, Professor of Polymer Chemistry, Montanuniversität Leoben, Vienna, Austria

Oil field chemicals are gaining increasing importance, as the resources of crude oil are decreasing. An increasing demand of more sophisticated methods in the exploitation of the natural resources emerges for this reason. This book reviews the progress in the area of oil field chemicals and additives of the last decade from a rather chemical view. The material presented is a compilation from the literature by screening critically approximately 20,000 references. The text is ordered according to applications, just in the way how the jobs are emerging in practice. It starts with drilling, goes to productions and ends with oil spill. Several chemicals are used in multiple disciplines, and to those separate chapters are devoted. Two index registers are available, an index of chemical substances and a general index.
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Drilling Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Chemical and Mechanical Engineers in the Petroleum Industry


Book information

  • Published: July 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7703-5

Table of Contents

Preface (acknowledgements included)1. Drilling Muds2. Fluid Loss Additives3. Clay Stabilization4. Bit Lubricants5. Bacteria Control6. Corrosion Inhibitors7. Scale Inhibitors8. Gelling Agents9. Filter-Cake Removal10. Cement Additives11. Transport12. Drag Reducers13. Gas Hydrate Control14. Anti-Freeze Agents15. Odorization16. Enhanced Oil Recovery17. Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids18. Water Shutoff19. Oil Spill-treating Agents20. Dispersants21. Defoamers22. Demulsifiers23. Bibliography24. Index