Nursing Research: Designs and Methods book cover

Nursing Research: Designs and Methods

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It has been written by nurses for nurses and is research-minded, conceptually and theoretically up-to-date and student-centred. It is a comprehensive introduction to nursing research that will allow readers to build up their understanding of the research process and develop confidence in its practical application.


Published: February 2008

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3349-0


  • Section 1 Approaches to research

    The Nature and Language of Nursing Research
    Approaches to Research
    Participative Approaches to Research
    Feminist Methodology in Nursing Research
    Historical Research
    Evaluation Research

    Section 2 The process of research

    Asking Research Questions
    Accessing the Nursing Research Literature
    Synthesising Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence within a Systematic Review
    The Cochrane Collaboration, Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis
    Evaluating the Literature
    Research Governance and Research Ethics
    The Research Proposal
    Managing a Research Project
    Supervising Research Students
    Publishing and Disseminating Research

    Section 3 Research designs

    Surveys in Nursing Research and Practice
    Randomised Controlled Trials
    Single-case Experiments
    Action Research
    Grounded Theory Nursing Research
    The Delphi Technique
    Longitudinal Studies

    Section 4 Data collection and analysis

    Focus Groups
    Q Methodology in Nursing Research
    Narrative Research and Analysis
    Qualitative Data Analysis: Achieving Order out of Chaos
    Descriptive Statistics
    Inferential Statistics
    Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis


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