Nurse Practitioner Manual of Clinical Skills E-Book book cover

Nurse Practitioner Manual of Clinical Skills E-Book

This is a comprehensive skills manual designed for students and qualified Nurse Prationers in health care who are learning to talk to patients, examine them, and to understand and assess their problems. It deals with the health history, common and important symptoms, and the assessment of mental status. In sections devoted to body regions and body systems, the book describes the sequence and techniques of physical examination, and helps the reader to identify selected abnormalities. It emphasizes common or important problems (rather than the infrequent or esoteric) found in both adult and childhood conditions. The sections are designed to help readers apply their knowledge to interpreting symptoms, examining the human body, and understanding physical signs. It is an invaluable resource written specifically for Nurse Practitioners by Nurse Practitioners.


Published: July 2007

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3987-4


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