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Nuclear Receptors in Development

A superb compilation of reviews from leading experts in the field of nuclear receptors, volume 16 in the Advances in Developmental Biology series covers the role of different nuclear receptor subfamilies in development, physiology and metabolism. This volume brilliantly reviews how genetic defects in the function of nuclear receptors leads to various developmental defects. Receptors discussed include: thyroid receptors, peroxisome proliferators activated receptors, and retinoic acid receptors. Additionaly, this volume offers an indespesable chapter on the orphan receptors Ftz-F1, COUPs, and RORs in embryonic and postnatal development.

Developmental and cell biologists

Hardbound, 448 Pages

Published: November 2006

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-52873-5


  • 1. Developmental Roles of the Thyroid Hormone Receptor ¦¡ And ¦¢ Genes Lily Ng and Douglas Forrest2. PPARs in fetal and early post-natal developmentNicolas Rotman, Liliane Michalik, B¨¦atrice Desvergne, Walter Wahli3. Regulation of murine embryonic patterning and morphogenesis by retinoic acid signalingTracie Pennimpede, Don Cameron, and Martin Petkovich4. Molecular mediators of retinoic acid signalling during developmentKaren Niederreither and Pascal Doll¨¦5. Hindbrain development and retinoidsJoel C. Glover, Jean-S¨¦bastien Renaud, Xavier Lampe, and Filippo M. Rijli 6. Retinoid receptors in vertebral patterningCharlotte Rhodes and David Lohnes7. Mouse Embryocarcinoma F9 cells and Retinoic Acid: A model to study the molecular mechanisms of endodermal differentiationGa¨¦tan Bour, Reshma Taneja and C¨¦cile Rochette-Egly8. The Ftz-F1 family: orphan nuclear receptors regulated by novel protein-protein interactionsLeslie Pick, W. Ray Anderson, Jeffrey Shultz and Craig Woodard9. Role of Chicken Ovalbumin Upstream Promoter-Transcription Factor I inthe Development of Nervous System Ke Tang, Fu-Jung Lin, Sophia Y. Tsai and Ming-Jer Tsai10. Retinoid-related Orphan Receptors (RORs): Roles in Cellular Differentiation and Development Anton M. Jetten and Joung Hyuck Joo 11. Hairless, a nuclear receptor corepressor essential for skin functionCatherine C. Thompson and Gerard M. J. Beaudoin12. Nuclear receptor transcriptional coactivators in development and metabolismJanardan K. Reddy, Dongsheng Guo, Yuzhi Jia, Songtao Yu, and M. Sambasiva Rao


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