Nonlinear Optics book cover

Nonlinear Optics

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Seniors and graduate students in electrical engineering and physics departments.


Published: October 1991

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-121680-1


  • "This book is a well-written and successfully tested text useful for a course on An Introduction to Nonlinear Optics. It is also a fairly self-contained book. I recommend this book for classroom adoption. As well, I also recommend it as a very useful text for those who would like to learn this subject by themselves."

    "If treatises expound and textbooks explain, then Boyd's book is definitely a textbook and a very readable one, too....For its intended audience and its purpose of illuminating the fundamental concepts of nonlinear optics, this book is a glowing success."


  • The Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility. Wave Equation Description of Nonlinear Optical Interactions. Quantum-Mechanical Theory of the Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility. The Intensity-Dependent Refractive Index. OpticalNonlinearities in the Two-Level Approximation. Processes Resulting from the Nonlinear Refractive Index. Spontaneous Light Scattering and Acousto-Optics. Stimulated Brillouin and Stimulated Rayleigh Scattering. Stimulated Raman and Stimulated Rayleigh-Wing Scattering. The Electrooptic and Photorefractive Effects. Appendices. Index.


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