New and Future Developments in Catalysis

Activation of Carbon Dioxide

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  • Steven Suib, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, Director, Institute of Materials Science, University of Connecticut, USA His expertise is in the field of solid state inorganic chemistry including studies of zeolites and microporous materials; physical chemistry; environmental chemistry including green syntheses, heterogeneous catalysis; plasma chemistry and catalysis; semiconductors; inorganic photochemistry; photocatalysis; batteries; ceramics. Preparation and characterization of these systems using structural, crystallographic, surface, electrochemical, luminescence, microscopic and EPR techniques.

New and Future Developments in Catalysis is a package of books that compile the latest ideas concerning alternate and renewable energy sources and the role that catalysis plays in converting new renewable feedstock into biofuels and biochemicals. Both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts and catalytic processes will be discussed in a unified and comprehensive approach. There will be extensive cross-referencing within all volumes.

This volume presents a complete picture of all carbon dioxide (CO2) sources, outlines the environmental concerns regarding CO2, and critically reviews all current CO2 activation processes. Furthermore, the volume discusses all future developments and gives a critical economic analysis of the various processes.
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Chemists, chemical engineers, and biochemical engineers working in academic and government research; academics, research students, post graduate and graduate students in these areas of study; materials scientists, environmental engineers, biochemists, petroleum engineers, post graduate and research students in these areas


Book information

  • Published: July 2013
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-53882-6


"One reason that carbon dioxide is a potent greenhouse gas is that the molecule is very stable, and if it could be made less so, it would be easier to bind and keep out of the atmosphere. Chemists and biochemists examine approaches and techniques for activating it using homogeneous or heterogeneous catalysis."--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013

Table of Contents

1 - Catalytic Processes for Activation of CO2 (Narcís Homs, Jamil Toyir, Pilar Ramírez de la Piscina)
2 - Surface Science Studies of Carbon Dioxide Chemistry (U. Burghaus)
3 - Mechanistic Understanding of Catalytic CO2 Activation from First Principles Theory (Qingfeng Ge)
4 - Catalytic Activation and Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Fuels/Value-Added Chemicals Through CC Bond Formation (An-Hua Liu, Jian Gao, Liang-Nian He)
5 - Catalytic Transformation of CO2 into Value-Added Organic Chemicals (Shin-ichiro Fujita, Hiroshi Yoshida, Ruixia Liu, Masahiko Arai)
6 - Application of Carbon Dioxide in Hydrogen Storage: Homogeneous Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide and Dehydrogenation of Formic Acid (Yuichiro Himeda, Wan-Hui Wang)
7 - Recent Advances on the Catalysts for Activation of CO2 in Several Typical Processes (Licheng Liu, Hongtao Jiang, Haitao Liu, Huiquan Li)
8 - Catalytic Synthesis of CO Free Hydrogen (Parag A. Deshpande, Giridhar Madras)
9 - Transition-Metal-Catalyzed CC Bond Forming Reactions with Carbon Dioxide (Liang Zhang, Zhaomin Hou)
10 - Electro-Catalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide (B. Viswanathan)
11 - Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane to Syngas over Mesoporous Material Supported Nickel Catalysts (Dapeng Liu, Raymond Lau, Xinli Jia, Armando Borgna, Yanhui Yang)
12 - Chemical Functions of Dense Phase CO2 as Accelerator/Modifier in Organic Synthetic Reactions (Ruixia Liu, Hiroshi Yoshida, Shin-ichiro Fujita, Masahiko Arai)
13 - Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonates from Carbon Dioxide and Epoxides (Michael North)
14 - Environmental Concerns Regarding CO2 (Chenggong Sun, Wenbin Zhang, Hao Liu)
15 - Catalyst Development for CO2 Activation to Produce Syn-Gas through CO2 Reforming of CH4: Mitigation of Carbon Formation on Ni-Based Catalysts (Hui Wang, Sameen Zaidi)
16 - Carbon Dioxide as Soft Oxidant and Promoter in Oxidation Catalysis, Pages 481-499, Sang-Eon Park, Mohd Bismillah Ansari
17 - Biomimetic Approaches to Reversible CO2 Capture from Air. N-Methylcarbaminic Acid Formation in Rubisco-Inspired Models (Rainer Glaser, Paula O. Castello-Blindt, Jian Yin)
18 - CO2 Adsorption in Porous Materials (Arnost Zukal, Petr Nachtigall, Jiri Cejka)
19 - Carbon Dioxide Activation and Conversion (Arjan W. Kleij)
20 - Photocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Fuels Using Layered Double Hydroxides Coupled with Hydrogen or Water (Naveed Ahmed, Motoharu Morikawa, Yasuo Izumi)
21 - CO2 Capture by CaO-Based Sorbents and Sorption Enhanced Reaction Systems (Luca Di Felice)