New and Future Developments in Catalysis

Catalysis for Remediation and Environmental Concerns

Edited by

  • Steven Suib, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, Director, Institute of Materials Science, University of Connecticut, USA His expertise is in the field of solid state inorganic chemistry including studies of zeolites and microporous materials; physical chemistry; environmental chemistry including green syntheses, heterogeneous catalysis; plasma chemistry and catalysis; semiconductors; inorganic photochemistry; photocatalysis; batteries; ceramics. Preparation and characterization of these systems using structural, crystallographic, surface, electrochemical, luminescence, microscopic and EPR techniques.

New and Future Developments in Catalysis is a package of seven books that compile the latest ideas concerning alternate and renewable energy sources and the role that catalysis plays in converting new renewable feedstock into biofuels and biochemicals. Both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts and catalytic processes will be discussed in a unified and comprehensive approach. There will be extensive cross-referencing within all volumes.

The various sources of environmental pollution are the theme of this volume. The volume lists all current environmentally friendly catalytic chemical processes used for environmental remediation and critically compares their economic viability.
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Chemists, chemical engineers, and biochemical engineers working in academic and government research; academics, research students, post graduate and graduate students in these areas of study; materials scientists, environmental engineers, biochemists, petroleum engineers, post graduate and research students in these areas


Book information

  • Published: July 2013
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-53870-3


"Chemists mostly in the US, but also Europe and Asia, explore such aspects as green synthesis of iron nanomaterials for oxidative catalysis of organic environmental pollutants, sorbents and photocatalytic materials for water remediation, the electrochemical promotion of catalysis for automotive post-treatment and air cleaning, catalysts and process design for air pollutants abatement, and asymmetric organocatalysis for constructing quaternary carbon stereogenic centers."--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013

Table of Contents

1 - Photocatalysts for Elimination of Toxins on Surfaces and in Air Using UV and Visible Light (J. Klabunde, Manindu N. Weerasinghe)
2 - Cleaner, Greener Approaches to Synthetic Chemistry (Nicholas E. Leadbeater)
3 - Green Synthesis of Iron Nanomaterials for Oxidative Catalysis of Organic Environmental Pollutants (Homer C. Genuino, Nashaat Mazrui, Mohammad S. Seraji, Zhu Luo, George E. Hoag)
4 - Catalysts for Environmental Remediation—Examples in Photo- and Heterogeneous Catalysis (B.L. Abrams, P.C.K. Vesborg)
5 - Catalytic Processes for the Production of Clean Fuels (M. Gupta, James J. Spivey)
6 - Advances in Sorbents and Photocatalytic Materials for Water Remediation (Jie Wang, Aijuan Han, Stephan Jaenicke, Gaik-Khuan Chuah)
7 - Abatement of NOx and N2O Using Zeolite Catalysts (Zdenek Sobalik)
8 - The Convergence of Emission Control and Source of Clean Energy (Adeniyi Lawal, Robert J. Farrauto)
9 - Structured Catalysts for Volatile Organic Compound Removal (Svetlana Ivanova, Alejandro Perez, Miguel Ángel Centeno, Jose Antonio Odriozola)
10 - Engineering Aspects of Catalytic Converters Designs for Cleaning of Exhaust Gases (Andrzej Kolodziej, Joanna Lojewska)
11 - Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis for Automotive Post-Treatment and Air Cleaning (Mihalis N. Tsampas, Philippe Vernoux)
12 - Sources of Environmental Pollution: Persistent Organic Pollutants (I. Arslan-Alaton, T. Olmez-Hanci)
13 - Direct Catalytic Decomposition of N2O over Cu- and Fe-Zeolites (Robert A. Schoonheydt, Pieter Vanelderen, Bert F. Sels)
14 - Exploring Flavin as Catalyst for the Remediation of Halogenated Compounds (Ram Singh, Geetanjali)
15 - NOx Removal Using Novel Catalytic Methods (Yasushi Sekine, Yohei Takahara, Atsushi Ikeda, Masato Nagata)
16 - Advances in Catalyst and Process Design for Air Pollutants Abatement (Joanna Lojewska, Andrzej Kolodziej)
17 - Current Heterogeneous Catalytic Processes for Environmental Remediation of Air, Water, and Soil (Vasile I. Parvulescu, Pascal Granger)
18 - Carbon Dioxide, Chemical Valorization, and Mitigation in the Refinery (Marcelo Maciel Pereira, Benoit Louis)
19 - Asymmetric Organocatalysis for the Construction of Quaternary Carbon Stereogenic Centers (Hiyoshizo Kotsuki, Niiha Sasakura)