Neurological Rehabilitation book cover

Neurological Rehabilitation

Optimizing motor performance

Paperback, 376 Pages

Published: July 2010

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-4051-1


  • Contributors
    Preface to the first edition
    Preface to the second edition

    Part One Introduction: Adaptation, Training and Measurement
    Chapter 1 The adaptive system: plasticity and recovery
    Chapter 2 Training motor control, increasing strength and fitness and promoting skill acquisition
    Chapter 3 Measurement

    Part Two Task-Related Exercise and Training
    Chapter 4 Standing up and sitting down
    Chapter 5 Walking
    Chapter 6 Reaching and manipulation
    Chapter 7 Balance

    Part Three Body Function and Structure, Limitations in Activities and Participation
    Chapter 8 Upper motor neuron lesions
    Chapter 9 Cerebellar ataxia
    Chapter 10 Somatosensory and perceptual-cognitive impairments
    Chapter 11 Stroke
    Chapter 12 Traumatic brain injury
    Chapter 13 Parkinson’s Disease
    Chapter 14 Multiple Sclerosis



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