Neurobiology of Dementia

Edited by

  • Alireza Minagar, MD, FAAN, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Department of Neurology, Shreveport, LA, USA

With recent advances of modern medicine, more people reach the “elderly age” around the globe, and the number of dementia cases are ever increasing. This book is about various aspects of dementia and provides its readers with a wide range of thought-provoking sub-topics in the field of dementia. The ultimate goal of this monograph is to stimulate other physicians’ and neuroscientists’ interest to carry out more research projects into the pathogenesis of this devastating group of diseases.
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Neuroscientists, neurologists, psychologists, gerontologists


Book information

  • Published: June 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-374833-1

Table of Contents

Neurobiology of Dementia Ed.: Dr. Alireza Minagar 1. Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration: insights from neuropsychology and neuroimagingAndrea C. Bozoki, Muhammad U. Farooq2. Normal Brain Aging: Clinical, Immunological, Neuropsychological and Neuroimaging FeaturesMaria T. Caserta, Yvonne Bannon, Francisco Fernandez, Brian Giunta, Mike R. Schoenberg, Jun Tan3. Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in dementias and mild cognitive impairmentH. Randall Griffith, Christopher C. Stewart, Jan A. den Hollander4. Subcortical Ischemic Cerebrovascular DementiaRoger E. Kelley, Uma Menon5. Contributions of Neuropsychology and Neuroimaging to Understanding Clinical Subtypes of Mild Cognitive ImpairmentAmy J. Jak, Katherine J. Bangen, Christina E, Wierenga, Lisa Delano-Wood, Jody Corey-Bloom, Mark W. Bondi6. Early Onset DementiaAlireza Minagar, Halim Fadil, Aimee Borazanci, Elhachmia Ait Ben Haddou, Mohamed Yahyaoui, Elena Korniychuk, Stephen L. Jaffe7. Lewy Body DementiaCarol F. Lippa, Jennifer C. Hanson8. Cerebrovascular and Cardiovascular Pathology in Alzheimer’s diseaseJ.C. de la Torre 9. Normal Pressure HydrocephalusGlen R Finney, Anahid Kabasakalian10. Application of PET Imaging to Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and Mild Cognitive ImpairmentJames M. Noble, Nikolaos Scarmeas11. Reversible DementiasGlen R. Finney, Anahid Kabasakalian12. The Molecular and Cellular Pathogenesis of Disease of theAlzheimer’s Type: An OverviewFrancisco A. Luque, Stephen L. Jaffe13. Dementia in Parkinson`s diseaseBradley J. Robottom and William J. Weiner14. Neuroimaging of Cognitive Impairments in Vascular DiseaseTuri O. Dalaker, Carol Di Perri, Mona Beyer, Robert Zivadinov