Natural Rubber

Biology, Cultivation and Technology

Edited By

  • M.R. Sethuraj
  • N.M. Mathew, Rubber Research Institute of India, Kottayam, Kerala, India

No other book on natural rubber covers such a broad spectrum of subjects as this unique publication. Subjects related to the biology, cultivation and technology of natural rubber are dealt with, along with such important aspects as its history, production and processing, through to its sophisticated engineering applications. Every chapter follows a monograph style of presentation, with comprehensive citations and depth of treatment. Contributions from highly experienced, and still active, renowned scientists reflect the truly international effort to the development of this commodity. In addition to the wealth of information presented, most of the chapters contain elaborate lists of earlier contributions in the respective fields; one chapter each has been included on rubber wood, ancillary products and guayule.
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Book information

  • Published: October 1992
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-88329-2

Table of Contents

Preface. Acknowledgements. Contributors. 1. Historical development of theworld rubber industry (K. P. Jones, P. W . Allen). 2. The outlook for naturalrubber production and consumption (H. P. Smit, K. Burger). 3. The genusHevea - botanical aspects (P. R. Wycherley). 4. Anatomy andultracytology of latex vessels (D. Premakumari, A. O. N. Panikkar). 5.Germplasm resources and genetic improvement (Y. Annamma Varghese). 6.Metabolism of the laticiferous system and its biochemical regulation (J. L.Jacob, J. C. Prevot). 7. Yield components in Hevea brasiliensis (M.R. Sethuraj). 8. Propagation and planting (J. G. Marattukalam, C. K.Saraswathy Amma). 9. Climatic requirements (P. Sanjeeva Rao, K. R.Vijayakumar). 10. Rubber cultivation under climatic stresses in China (H.Zongdao, P. Yanqing). 11. Nutrition of Hevea (A. K. Krishnakumar, S.N. Potty). 12. Tapping of Hevea brasiliensis (P. D. Abraham). 13.International notation for exploitation systems (Lukman). 14. Certain aspectsof physiology and biochemistry of latex production (S. W. Pakianathan, S. J.Tata, L. F. Chon, M. R. Sethuraj). 15. Diseases of economic importance inrubber (A. de S. Liyanage, C. Kuruvilla Jacob). 16 Pests (K. Jayarathnam). 17.Primary processing (B. Kuriakose). 18. Physical and technological propertiesof natural rubber (N. M. Mathew). 19. Compounding and vulcanization (C.Metherell). 20. Chemical modification of natural rubber (D. S. Campbell). 21.Engineering properties and applications of rubber (A. Stevenson). 22.Thermoplastic natural rubber (N. R. Choudhury, A. K. Bhowmick, S. K. De). 23.Technological properties and utilisation of rubber wood (A. C. Sekhar). 24.Ancillary income from rubber plantations (V. Haridasan). 25. Guayule as analternative source of natural rubber (F. S. Nakayama).