Natural Gas Hydrates book cover

Natural Gas Hydrates

A Guide for Engineers

This is the most exhaustive study to date on natural gas hydrates. In spite of their importance, hydrates are misunderstood, and misconceptions abound. This book provides an accurate review of what hydrates are and under what conditions they will form, and it provides the engineer with the methods to predict the occurrences of hydrates.The petroleum industry spends millions every year to combat the formation of hydrates, the solid, crystalline compounds that form from water and small molecules, damaging equipment and plugging transmission lines. Understanding how, when, and where they form and using this knowledge to apply remedies in practical applications are crucial.


Published: December 2002

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7569-7


  • "This text describes one of the most comprehensive studies of natural gas hydrates in history. It provides a review of what hydrates are and under what conditionsthey will form. It also provides the reader with the methods to predict occurrences of hydrates." --Sea Technology, March 2003


  • Hydrate Types and Formers; Hand Calculation Methods; Computer Methods; Inhibiting Hydration Formation with Chemicals; Dehydration of Natural Gas; Combating Hydrates Using Heat and Pressure; Physical Properties of Hydrates, Phase Diagrams; Water Content of Natural Gas


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