Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety

Risks, Regulation, and Management

Edited by

  • Matthew Hull, President and Owner, NanoSafe, Inc.
  • Diana Bowman, School of Public Health, University of Michigan

Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety, Second Edition focuses not only on the impact of nanotechnology and the discipline of nanotoxicity, but also explains each of these disciplines through in the context of management requirements and via risk scenarios - providing an overview of regulation, risk management, and exposure. Contributors thoroughly explain environmental health and safety (EHS) issues, financial implications, foreseeable risks (e.g., exposure, dose, hazards of nanomaterials), occupational hygiene, and consumer protection.

Key new chapters have been included covering eco-toxicity, nanomedicine, informatics, and future threats. New case studies have also been added, including a chapter on the impact of nanosilver on the environment, as well as an assessment of how well lessons have been learned from the past, such as in the case of asbestos. The book also makes a business case for the importance of proactive EHS management - essential reading for existing or prospective producers of nanoscale products.

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Researchers in academic and national laboratories, Regulators at the state and federal levels, Business professionals involved in development, manufacturing, and commercialization of emerging nanotechnologies, Risk managers and insurance professionals.


Book information

  • Published: June 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-4557-3188-6

Table of Contents

Introduction; Toxicological studies with nanoscale materials; Are we willing to head the lessons of the past? Nanomaterials and Australia’s asbestos legacy; What are the warning signs we should be looking for?; Nanomaterials ecotoxicology: a case study with nanosilver; Nanomaterials and health; Global perspectives on the oversight of nanotechnologies; A nanotechnology legal framework; Management of nanotechnology from an IP perspective; Nanotechnology risk management: An insurance industry perspective; Sustainable Nanomanufacturing; Commercialization of nanocrystalline cellulose products: a business case study focusing on the importance of proactive EHS risk management; The safe nano lab; A case study in certification: the CENARIOS risk management system; Nanoinformatics; Nano EHS threats of the future; Conclusion