Mucosal Health in Aquaculture


  • Benjamin Beck, Research Physiologist, Stuttgart National Aquaculture Research Center, Stuttgart, AR, USA
  • Eric Peatman, Assistant Professor, Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures,Auburn University, AL, USA

Mucosal Health in Aquaculture is an essential reference on mucosal health for the diverse aquaculture community. Rich in explanatory figures and schematics, the book includes important concepts such as structural and cellular composition of mucosal surfaces in fish and shellfish, known functional roles of molecular and cellular actors during pathogen invasion, impacts of nutrition on the mucosal barriers, impacts of chemical treatments on mucosal surfaces, mucosal vaccines and vaccination strategies, and more.

The health of cultured aquaculture species is critical in establishing the sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry worldwide, and mucosal health is of particular interest to those working in aquaculture because mucosal surfaces (skin, gill, intestine, reproductive tissues) constitute the first line of defense against pathogen invasion. Mucosal Health in Aquaculture captures the latest research on mucosal barriers in aquaculture species and their impacts on nutrition and immunity to ensure sustainable aquaculture development.

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Researchers, professionals, and graduate students of aquaculture, those studying aquaculture disease and genetic improvement to improve fish culture to avoid disease problems.


Book information

  • Published: February 2015
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-417186-2

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Mucosal Health in Aquaculture: Introduction

Chapter 2. Overview of Fish Immunity

Chapter 3. The Mucosal System of Fish: Overview of Structure and Function

Chapter 4. Fish Mucosal Immunity: Skin

Chapter 5. Fish Mucosal Immunity: Gill

Chapter 6. Fish Mucosal Immunity: Intestine

Chapter 7. Environmental Impacts on Fish Mucosa

Chapter 8. Nutritional Impacts on Fish Mucosa: Dietary Considerations

Chapter 9. Nutritional Impacts on Fish Mucosa: Immunostimulants, Pre- and Probiotics

Chapter 10. Chemical Therapeutant Impacts on Fish Mucosa

Chapter 11.  Impacts of the Microbiome on Fish Mucosal Health

Chapter 12: Mucosal Vaccines

Chapter 13: Crustacean Mucosal Immunity

Chapter 14. Molluscan Mucosal Immunity

Chapter 15: New Frontiers in Mucosal Health

Chapter 16: Conclusions