Molecular Biology Frontiers

Edited by

  • T.P. Mommsen, University of Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Peter Hochachka, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

This second volume in the series covers such topics as DNA fingerprinting of fishes, the cytochromes P450 in fish, the molecular biology of bacterial fish diseases, and new insights into the origins of the diversity and distribution of fish antifreeze proteins. The book will be of great value to fisheries scientists, animal biochemists, physiologists and endocrinologists, and aquaculturists. It will provide researchers and students alike with a pertinent information source from theoretical and experimental angles.
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Book information

  • Published: December 1993
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-81663-4


Graduate students and professors in comparative molecular biology and genetics and researchers in piscine genetics will be in the audience to which this excellent quality volume will appeal. Researchers in mammalian of microbial genetics will find informative syntheses of theoretical advances. Investigators in applied fields, such as aquaculture, fish stock assessment, and aquatic toxicology, will want to add this significant reference to their libraries.
Fisheries Review

...the considerable information content of this volume and the way this information is presented, makes this volume a standard source of information and inspiration to researchers, teachers as well as students that want to stay abreast with the rapid developments in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology of fishes.

Table of Contents

Preface. Contributors. Abbreviations. Evolution ofmitochondrial DNA in fishes (A. Meyer). Growth hormone, prolactinand somatolactin: a structural overview (M. Rand-Weaver, H.Kawauchi). DNA fingerprinting of fishes (J.M. Wright). Genemapping of fish (J.L. Goodier, W. S. Davidson). Oncogenes (R.J.van Beneden). The cytochromes P450 in fish (J.J. Stegeman).Molecular biology of bacterial fish diseases (J. Thornton, R.Garduño, W.W. Kay). Immune system (B. Pohajdak, B. Dixon,G.R. Stuart). The molecular biology of transgenic fish (P.B.Hackett). Molecular analyses of rainbow trout metallothionein andstress protein genes: structure, expression and regulation (L.Gedamu, M. Zafarullah). Metallothionein gene expression andregulation in fish (P.-E. Olsson). The diversity and distributionof fish antifreeze proteins: new insights into their origins(P.L. Davies, K. V. Ewart, G.L. Fletcher). Control of antifreezeprotein gene expression in winter flounder (S.L. Chan, G.L.Fletcher, C.L. Hew). Promoter analysis of fish antifreeze proteingenes (Z. Gong, C. L. Hew). Molecular analysis of corticotropin-releasing factors and related peptides in teleosts (K.P. Lederiset al.). Vasotocin neuropeptide precursors and genes ofteleost and jawless fish (J. Heierhorst, K. Lederis, D. Richter).Molecular biology of fish neuropeptides (N. M. Sherwood, D.B.Parker). Estrogen receptor gene: structure and expression inrainbow trout (Y. Valotaire, M.-G. Le Roux, P. Jego).Vitellogenin gene expression in teleost fish (C. B. Lazier, M.E.MacKay). Insulin and insulin-like growth factor genes in fishesand other primitive chordates (S.J. Chan et al.).Stanniocalcin: structure, function, and regulation (G. F.Wagner). Species index. Subject index.