Molecular and Diagnostic Procedures in Mycoplasmology, 2

Diagnostic Procedures

  • Joseph Tully, Frederick Cancer Research Center, Frederick, Maryland, U.S.A.
    • Shmuel Razin, The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel


    Microbiologists, virologists, molecular biologists, clinicians, and plant pathologists.


Book information

  • Published: February 1996
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-583806-1

Table of Contents

J.G. Tully, Mollicute-Host Interrelationships: Current Concepts and Diagnostic Implications.Diagnostic Genetic Probes:S. Razin, Introductory Remarks.K.-E. Johansson, Oligonucleotide Probes Complementary to 16S rRNA.D. Yogev and S. Razin, Cloned Genomics DNA Fragments as Probes.R. Kovacic, O. Grau, and A. Blanchard, PCR: Selection of Target Sequences.B. de Barbeyrac, C. Bebear, and D. Taylor-Robinson, PCR: Preparation of DNA from Clinical Specimens.B. de Barbeyrac and C. Bebear, PCR: Amplified and Identification of Products.R. Harasawa, PCR: Application of Nested PCR to Detection of Mycoplasmas.S.J. Geary and M. Forsyth, PCR: Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Fingerprinting.Immunological Tools:J.G. Tully, Introductory Remarks.M.B. Brown, J.M. Bradbury, and J.K. Davis, ELISA in Small Animals, Rodents, and Birds.J. Nicolet and J.L. Martel, ELISA in Large Animals.R.Y.-H. Wang and S.-C. Lo, ELISA in Human Urogenital Infections and AIDS.G.H. Cassell, G. Gambil, and L. Duffy, ELISA in Respiratory Infections of Humans.C.B. Thomas, M. Garnier, and J.T. Boothby, Monoclonal Antibodies as Diagnostic Tools.D. Taylor-Robinson, Microimmunofluorescence.D. Thirkell and B.L. Precious, Immunoblots and Immunobinding.J.G. Tully, Differentiation of Mycloplasma genitalium from Mycoplasma pneumoniae by Immunofluoresence.Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing:C. Bebear, Introductory Remarks.G.E. Kenny, Problems and Opportunities in Susceptibility Testing of Mollicutes.C. Bebear and J.A. Robertson, Determination of Minimal Inhibitory Concentration.D. Taylor-Robinson, Cidal Activity Testing.Diagnosis of Specific Diseases:J.G. Tully, Introductory Remarks.R.J. Harris, J. Williamson, C. Hahn, and B.P. Marmion, Laboratory Diagnosis of Mycoplasma pneumoniae Infections.D. Taylor-Robinson, Diagnosisof Sexually Transmitted Diseases.K.B. Waites and G.H. Cassell, Diagnosis of Neonatal Infections.S.-G. Lo, Mycoplasmas in AIDS Patients.E.A. ter Laak and H.L. Ruhnke, Mycoplasma Infections of Cattle.A.J. DaMassa, Mycoplasma Infections of Goats and Sheep.R.F. Ross and G.W. Stemke, Mycoplasma Infections of Swine.S.H. Kleven and S. Levisohn, Mycloplasma Infections of Poultry.C. Saillard, C. Barthe, J.M. Bove, and R.F. Whitcomb, Diagnosis of Spiroplasma Infections in Plants and Insects.E. Seemueller and B.C. Kirkpatrick, Detection of Phytoplasma Infections in Plants.R.F. Whitcomb and K.J. Hackett, Identification of Mollicutes from Insects.Experimental Infections:J.G. Tully, Introductory Remarks.G.H. Cassell and A. Yancey, Experimental Mycoplasmal Respiratory Infections in Rodents.P.M. Furr and D. Taylor-Robinson, Urogenital Infections in Rodents.L.R. Washburn, Experimental Models of Arthritis.J.M. Bradbury and S. Levisohn, Experimental Infections in Poultry.M. Kobisch and R.F. Ross, Experimental Infections of Swine.R.F. Rosenbusch and H.L. Ruhnke, Experimental Infections in Cattle.X. Foissac, J.L. Danet, C. Saillard, R.F. Whitcomb, and J.M. Bove, Experimental Infections of Plants by Spiroplasmas.A.H. Purcell, Experimental Phytoplasma Infections in Plants and Insects.S.-C. Lo and A. Blanchard, Mycoplasmas and in Vitro Infections of Cell Cultures with HIV.Diagnosis of Mycoplasma Infections of Cell Cultures:J.G. Tully, Introductory Remarks.R.A. Del Giudice and J.G. Tully, Isolation of Mycoplasmas from Cell Culture by Axenic Cultivation Techniques.G.K. Masover and F.A. Becker, Detection of Mycoplasmas by DNA Staining and Fluorescent Antibody Methodology.C. Veilleux, S. Razin, and L.H. May, Detection of Mycoplasma Infection by PCR.R.A. Del Giudice and R.S. Gardella, Antibiotic Treatment of Mycoplasma-Infected Cell Cultures.A.Smith and J. Mowles, Prevention and Control of Mycoplasma Infections of Cell Cultures.Appendix.Subject Index.