Modern Machining Technology book cover

Modern Machining Technology

A Practical Guide

This forward-thinking, practical book provides essential information on modern machining technology for industry with emphasis on the processes used regularly across several major industries. Machining technology presents great interest for many important industries including automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, renewable energy, moulds and dies, biomedical, and many others. Machining processes are manufacturing processes in which parts are shaped by the removal of unwanted material; these processes cover several stages and are usually divided into the following categories: cutting (involving single point or multipoint cutting tools); abrasive processes (including grinding and advanced machining processes, such as EDM (electrical discharge machining), LBM (laser-beam machining), AWJM (abrasive water jet machining) and USM (ultrasonic machining).

Manufacturing researchers, mechanical, manufacturing and industrial engineers, and professionals in related industries with machine-tools and manufacture experience. Also students and academics, possibly as a text.

Hardbound, 412 Pages

Published: October 2011

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-85709-099-7


  • This publication is a digestible, practical guide to modern machining technology. It will be useful to production managers as well as mechanical engineering students., Materials World, Professor Alan Stainer FIMMM


  • Turning; Drilling; Milling; Grinding and finishing processes; Thermal advanced machining processes.


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