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Modern General Topology

This classic work has been fundamentally revised to take account of recent developments in general topology. The first three chapters remain unchanged except for numerous minor corrections and additional exercises, but chapters IV-VII and the new chapter VIII cover the rapid changes that have occurred since 1968 when the first edition appeared.The reader will find many new topics in chapters IV-VIII, e.g. theory of Wallmann-Shanin's compactification, realcompact space, various generalizations of paracompactness, generalized metric spaces, Dugundji type extension theory, linearly ordered topological space, theory of cardinal functions, dyadic space, etc., that were, in the author's opinion, mostly special or isolated topics some twenty years ago but now settle down into the mainstream of general topology.

Hardbound, 521 Pages

Published: November 1985

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-87655-3


  • ...a distinguished book by a distinguished mathematician. The book is both a literate treatment by a world-class topologist of significant portions of Modern General Topology, and a personal judgemental statement as to what does and what does not deserve to be recorded for posterity. On each count it is a valued addition to the literature.
    Zentralblatt für Mathematik


  • Basic Concepts in Topological Spaces. Various Topological Spaces. Compact Spaces and Related Topics. Paracompact Spaces and Related Topics. Metrizable Spaces and Related Topics. Topics Related to Mappings. Other Aspects. Epilogue. Bibliography. Index.


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