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Mitochondrial Genome Evolution

Advances in Botanical Research publishes in-depth and up-to-date reviews on a wide range of topics in plant sciences. 
Features a wide range of reviews by recognized experts on all aspects of plant genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, physiology and ecology.
This thematic volume features reviews on Mitochondrial genome evolution.

Postgraduates and researchers in plant sciences, including botany, plant biochemistry, plant physiology, plant pathology, virology, entomology, and molecular biology

Hardbound, 488 Pages

Published: August 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-394279-1


    1. Mitochondrial And Eukaryotic Origins: A Critical Review
      B. Franz Lang and Gertraud Burger

    2. Gene Content And Gene Transfer From Mitochondria To The Nucleus During Evolution
      Minoru Ueda and Koh-ichi Kadowaki

    3. The Role Of Horizontal Transfer In Shaping The Plant Mitochondrial Genome
      Jeffrey P Mower, Kanika Jain and Nancy J.G. Hepburn

    4. Mitochondrial Genome Evolution And Gynodioecy
      Pascal Touzet

    5. Cyto-Nuclear Adaptation In Plants
      F. Budar and S. Fujii

    6. Mitochondrial Genomes Of Photosynthetic Euglenids And Alveolates
      Pavel Flegontov and Julius Lukeš

    7. Evolution of Mitochondrial Introns in Plants and Photosynthetic Microbes
      Linda Bonen

    8. Green Algae Genomics: A Mitochondrial Perspective
      Elizabeth Rodríguez-Salinas, Claire Remacle and Diego González-Halphen

    9. Recombination In The Stability, Repair And Evolution Of The Mitochondrial Genome
      Kristina Kühn and José M. Gualberto

    10. Mitochondrial Genome Evolution And The Emergence Of Ppr Proteins
      Bernard Gutmann, Anthony Gobert and Philippe Giegé

    11. Evolution Of Protein Import Pathways
      Beata Kmiec, Elzbieta Glaser, Owen Duncan, James Whelan, Monika W. Murcha

    12. Macromolecules Trafficking To Plant Mitochondria
      Morgane Michaud and Anne-Marie Duchêne


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