Miscarriages of Justice book cover

Miscarriages of Justice

Actual Innocence, Forensic Evidence, and the Law

Miscarriages of Justice: Actual Innocence, Forensic Evidence, and the Law focuses on the variety of miscarriages issues in the United States legal system. Written by leaders in the field, it is particularly valuable to forensic scientists and attorneys evaluating evidence or preparing for trial or appeal in cases where faulty evidence features prominently, and for those interested in developing arguments for miscarriage in post-conviction review of criminal cases. Chapters focus specifically on issues of law enforcement bias and corruption; false confessions; ineffective counsel and prosecutorial misconduct; forensic fraud; and more. The book closes by examining innocence projects and commissions, and civil remedies for the wrongfully convicted.


Graduate and advanced graduate level forensic sciences courses. Will also appeal to those in the criminal justice, legal, criminology, and sociology fields – both professional and academic.

Hardbound, 512 Pages

Published: July 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-411558-3


  • About the Authors

    Introduction by Tiffany Murphy, JD

    Preface: Identifying Miscarriages of Justice in the Criminal Justice System 
    Section I. Miscarriages of Justice: Nature and Frequency
    Chapter 1: Miscarriages of Justice: An Introduction
    Chapter 2: Wrongful Conviction Rates

    Section II. Miscarriages of Justice: Investigative Causes
    Chapter 3: Police Corruption
    Chapter 4: Eyewitness Identification
    Chapter 5: False Confessions
    Chapter 6: Criminal Informants and Wrongful Convictions

    Section III. Miscarriages of Justice:  Forensic Causes
    Chapter 7: Forensic Science, The CSI Effect & Wrongful Convictions
    Chapter 8: Forensic Fraud and Misconduct
    Chapter 9: Bite Mark Evidence & Wrongful Convictions

    Section IV. Miscarriages of Justice: Legal Causes
    Chapter 10: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
    Chapter 11: Prosecutorial Misconduct

    Section V. Miscarriages of Justice: Remedies
    Chapter 12: Forensic Reform
    Chapter 13: Remedies for the Wrongfully Convicted


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