Mineral Physics

Treatise on Geophysics

Edited By

  • G David Price, University College London, London, UK

Mineral Physics provides the fundamental information needed to interpret deep Earth geophysical data in terms of Earth structure, composition, temperature and dynamics. Divided into three parts and 21 chapters, this volume contains summaries of what is known of the mineralogy and chemistry of the deep crust, the upper mantle, the transition zone, the lower mantle and the core of the Earth. It also addresses the underlying theory, techniques, and methods used in mineral physics and reviews the major physical properties of deep Earth minerals.
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Book information

  • Published: August 2009
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-53458-3

Table of Contents

2.01 Overview ? Mineral Physics: Past, Present, and Future, 2.02 Properties of Rocks and Minerals ? Seismic Properties of Rocks and Minerals, and Structure of the Earth, 2.03 Mineralogy of the Earth ? Phase Transitions and Mineralogy of the Lower Mantle, 2.04 Mineralogy of the Earth ? Trace Elements and Hydrogen in the Earth's Transition Zone and Lower Mantle, 2.05 Mineralogy of the Earth ? The Earth's Core: Iron and Iron Alloys, 2.06 Theory and Practice ? Thermodynamics, Equations of State, Elasticity, and Phase Transitions of Minerals at High Pressures and Temperatures, 2.07 Theory and Practice ? Lattice Vibrations and Spectroscopy of Mantle Phases, 2.08 Theory and Practice ? Multianvil Cells and High-Pressure Experimental Methods, 2.09 Theory and Practice ? Diamond-Anvil Cells and Probes for High P?T Mineral Physics Studies, 2.10 Theory and Practice ? Techniques for Measuring High P/T Elasticity, 2.11 Theory and Practice ? Measuring High-Pressure Electronic and Magnetic Properties, 2.12 Theory and Practice ? Methods for the Study of High P/T Deformation and Rheology, 2.13 Theory and Practice ? The Ab Initio Treatment of High-Pressure and -Temperature Mineral Properties and Behavior, 2.14 Properties of Rocks and Minerals ? Constitutive Equations, Rheological Behavior, and Viscosity of Rocks, 2.15 Properties of Rocks and Minerals ? Diffusion, Viscosity, and Flow of Melts, 2.16 Seismic Anisotropy of the Deep Earth from a Mineral and Rock Physics Perspective, 2.17 Properties of Rocks and Minerals ? Physical Origins of Anelasticity and Attenuation in Rock, 2.18 Properties of Rocks and Minerals ? High-Pressure Melting, 2.19 Properties of Rocks and Minerals ? Thermal Conductivity of the Earth, 2.20 Properties of Rocks and Minerals ? Magnetic Properties of Rocks and Minerals, 2.21 Properties of Rocks and Minerals ? The Electrical Conductivity of Rocks, Minerals, and the Earth.