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Milk Proteins

From Expression to Food

In recent years, there has been a great deal of progress in the understanding and management of milk proteins across the production chain. This book takes a uniquely comprehensive look at those developments and presents them in a one-source overview. By providing a brief overview of each topic area, and then describing the most important recent advances therein, the "field-to-table" approach of this book provides specialists with new and directly relevant information in their own areas, along with information from complementary research fields, allowing them to contextualize their work within the larger pictures. At the same time it provides generalists with a complete overview and offers insights into topics for more in-depth reading. Covering areas that are receiving attention from people of many fields -- genomics, functional foods -- and including the latest research and developments in milk-protein phenomenon and interactions, this book will be an ideal resource for professionals and students alike.

Professionals, academics and graduate students working in any of the dairy-related industries or disciplines will find this information valuable to their work.

Hardbound, 552 Pages

Published: September 2008

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374039-7


  • Ch 1-Milk-An OverviewCh 2-The Comparative Genomics of Tammar Wallaby and Cape Fur Seal Lactation: Models to Examine Function of Milk ProteinsCh 3-Significance, Origin and Function of Bovine Milk Proteins: The Biological Implications of Manipulation or ModificationCh 4-Post Translational Modifications of CaseinsCh 5-Casein Micelle Structure and StabilityCh 6-Structure and Stability of Whey ProteinsCh 7-High Pressure-induced Interactions Involving Whey ProteinsCh 8-The Whey Proteins in Milk: Thermal Denaturation, Physical Interactions and Functional Properties of MilkCh 9-Effect of Drying on Milk ProteinsCh 10-Changes in Milk Proteins During Storage of Dry PowdersCh 11-Interactions and Functionality of Milk Proteins in Food EmulsionsCh 12-Milk Protein-Polysaccharide InteractionsCh 13-Interactions between Milk Proteins and MicronutrientsCh 14-Model Food Systems and Protein FunctionalityCh 15-Sensory Aspects of Dairy ProteinsCh 16-Milk Protein GelsCh 17-Nutritional and Functional Aspects of Dairy ProteinsCh 18-Milk Proteins: The Future


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