Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Technologies book cover

Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Technologies

Planning, Design and Implementation

SharePoint provides a vital service to businesses--content sharing over Intranet and Internet sites. Microsoft is investing tons of research and development money into content sharing technologies: SharePoint is the "next big thing" for MS Office users, especially in a world where many work teams are becoming geographically dispersed. SharePoint 2007 is a big improvement over former releases, due to enhanced security, better search capabilities, and more robust functionality. Lots of change means that users will have to come up to speed on the new enhancements.With SharePoint 2007 Technologies, readers will gain a working knowledge of the architecture, administration, and end user features offered by SharePoint 2007. This book also provides practical techniques to help IT professionals integrate Sharepoint with other MS products such as Exchange Server. The expertise of the authors, who have helped many businesses leverage Microsoft technologies, makes this book an invaluable tool to anyone interested in deploying Sharepoint '07.

Microsoft Sharepoint users, administrators, and application developers

Paperback, 688 Pages

Published: December 2007

Imprint: Digital Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-373616-1


  • “SharePoint 2007 will be an integral component of just about everything Microsoft does moving forward from servers and clients to e-mail and document management systems.” Michael D. Osterman, President, Osterman Research, Inc.


  • Part I: Product Overview and Major Components Ch 1Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 ArchitectureCh 2 Upgrading and Migrating to SharePoint Server 2007Ch 3 Planning a SharePoint Server 2007 DeploymentCh 4 Planning Extranet DeploymentsCh 5 Deploying SharePoint Server 2007Ch 6 Disaster RecoveryCh 7 SharePoint Server 2007 OperationsCh 8 Supporting SharePoint Server 2007Part II: Planning, Deployment and Operations Chapter 9 SharePoint Concepts and ArchitectureChapter 10 Building and Deploying Web PartsChapter 11 Branding your SharePoint 2007 SitesChapter 12 Site Definitions and Site TemplatesChapter 13 FeaturesChapter 14 SharePoint ProgrammabilityChapter 15 EventsChapter 16 WorkflowChapter 17 InfoPath Forms ServicesChapter 18 Supporting SharePoint Server 2007Part III: Customizing and Extending SharePoint-ERMChapter 19 SharePoint Concepts and ArchitecturesChapter 20 Building and Deploying Web PartsChapter 21 Branding your SharePoint 2007 SitesChapter 22 Site Definitions and Site TemplatesChapter 23 FeaturesChapter 24 SharePoint ProgrammabilityChapter 25 EventsChapter 26 WorkflowChapter 27 InfoPath Forms Services


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