Microbial Forensics book cover

Microbial Forensics

Microbial Forensics describes the new and growing field of Microbial Forensics- the science that will help bring to justice criminals and terrorists who use biological material to cause harm. This book describes the foundation of the field of microbial forensics and will serve as a basic primer to initiate those scientists and officials that have an interest in the topic. It covers a variety of areas from forensic science, to microbiology, to epidemiology, to bioinformatics, and to legal issues.

Microbiologists, forensic scientists, virologists, government laboratories,pharmaceutical companies and public health specialists

Hardbound, 448 Pages

Published: May 2005

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-088483-4


  • "The editors have gathered an impressive array of experts and present 18 chapters that give the reader both an overview of microbial forensics and fairly intricate details regarding different aspects of the field. ...contains a good amount of interesting information regarding the application of forensic science to biological crimes and bioterrorist events." - CLINICAL INFECTIONS DISEASES (January 2005)


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